Sonya in “Stones” — a magical realism audio drama — produced by The Merry Beggars.

“I wish I could have shared a screenshot of my first graders watching your performance today. They were absolutely rapt.”

Northwood Elementary Educator

“Most of the show is, inevitably, improvisational, as the chatbots—in full AI deadpan—deliver the often ridiculous things they have been led to say by their programmers.”

Time Out New York

Press play on Dr. Wetterholm’s interview in Dacha Theatre’s YARN: Unraveled Episode 2.

“Audrey Herold plays the role of the widow, Elizabeth Irving. Everything about Herold’s voice and body language is excellent. Herold balances her character’s diverse emotions with aplomb. At times, a bit anxious, but also full of confidence in her intuition. A lovely female character.”

B-Town Blog

[Audrey] Herold as Elizabeth and Evan Tucker as the sailor Fergus Hayes steal the show in this play… Herold and Tucker really make their characters come alive and show wave after wave of genuine emotion.”

Highline College Paper

“Audrey Herold gives a strong performance as Cordelia.”

– Drama in the Hood

Fantasy Photoshoot by Brett Love.