Some of my favorites lately:


Justin Baldoni’s Man Enough video series discusses #MeToo. 

Justin Baldoni talks about masculinity, acting & using a social media platform for good.

Justin Baldoni discusses vulnerability & masculinity in a 20 min. TED talk. 



Podcast on acting, being Catholic, & the theatricality of the Mass.

Hilarious, short podcast discussions of Aquinas’ philosophy.

Probably a little NSFW but this woman created a beautiful 7 part series on sex & relationships. 

What you loved as a child- your passions- and how they speak to your soul & calling.

“Changing culture” is a dead horse– focus on excellence in your art. 

How to order one’s life, discernment tips & lots of Thomas Aquinas.


Sites & Blogs:

Catholic fashion blogger draws mind-blowing comparisons between clothing & faith life.

Former Verily Mag fashion editor gives practical tips on slow-fashion, thrifting, & developing a personal style.

Freelance hand-lettering artist with an amaaazing story shares her thoughts.  (Her Instagram is good too!)

Single-mama navigating life in a healthy, human-centric, humorous fashion. 



Vancouver, BC ethical swimwear company that I loove! 

More wallet-friendly swimwear company that also takes the cake. 


**I have listened to, read and purchased literally from all of these, so they’re not an ad, it’s just Audrey being an Enneagram 2. 😀